It all started when I decided I will write about Bhrigu lake only to find out that the journey cannot be expressed in words and the liberation cannot be experienced through a story. It’s a “DO IT YOURSELF” journey to know it. So here are the highlights of the trek that might interest you and motivate you to pack your bag and join us for the journey.

Bhrigu lake is an easy trek and beginners can opt for this. The lake is situated roughly at an elevation of 4304m in the Kullu valley of Himachal Pradesh.

“Somewhere between the bottom of the climb and the summit is the answer to the mystery, why we climb.” -Greg Child

Photos by: Siddharth Kharola

So here are the highlights of the trek that might interest you and motivate you to pack your bag and join us for the journey.Bhrigu lake is an easy trek and is for beginners. The lake is situated roughly at an elevation of 4304m in the Kullu valley of Himachal Pradesh.

Even before the trek starts the vibe of the mountains and Manali captivate you and fill you with a lot of excitement and energy.

The journey starts with a beautiful drive from Manali to Gulaba. The excursion is full of sceneries that are worth capturing and make good wallpaper. Freshness in the air and music in the ears are cherry on the top. The mini road trip ends soon as Gulaba has been just 22kms away from Manali.

The trek starts on a trail that is well-trodden, beautiful and green going through a small village of Gulaba. People can be seen doing their daily activities which give exposure to their lifestyle. People of mountains are known to be hard working, simple and honest. If you get a chance to talk to them, they are friendly people.

The sound of silence, chirping birds, the sound of gushing water, scenery, and greenery all around impact all your senses and work as a medicine to calm you from inside. You feel that power of nature when you are close to it.

On the journey, you will find red delicious apples hanging on trees, a lot of apples! Yes, you will find yourself walking through beautiful apple orchards. While you are in Himachal Pradesh do taste the apples. The walk through a forest of pine trees would make you feel tiny. Soon the tree line will disappear as you gain elevation to meadows called thatch. This grassland will lead you to the snowline and moraine region. At this altitude, the temperature is low and the air is thin. The trek leads keep check on everybody’s health to avoid any undesirable situation.

The beauty of snow covered mountains, the starry nights and the sound of silence makes one of the best moments in the mountains. You must have seen or heard about the confluence of the oceans and rivers. However, on this journey, you will find the two most prominent Himalayan mountain ranges Pir Panjal and Dhauladhar range conflating. Bhrigu lake resides near the confluence of these mountains and one can view the ranges from the lakeside.

Maharishi Bhrigu used to meditate near Bhrigu Lake. Since then, this lake has been called Bhrigu Lake and is considered to be a sacred lake in local beliefs. The lake is around 800-900mts long and its shape resembles a circle and the circumference can be walked in half an hour. Mountains surround the lake as if they are protecting this fresh source of water and their reflection in the water is a view worth the effort. The Lake is also famous for never freezing completely even in extreme weather.

The view of the many peaks like Hanuman tibba, the highest point of Dhauladhar range, Indrasan peak (Place of Indra dev, a Hindu deity), Friendship peak and many more are also visible from this point. At the summit, the view of peaks and the lake fill you with a joy and pride of completing the journey that you started.

The sight of peaks all around, a lake in the middle, the reflection of the mountains in the lake and the clouds passing through mountains and you are witnessing it all in the middle. It’s a state worth experiencing.

“When you can stand over the clouds and watch them roll through the mountains below you, it shifts absolutely everything in your brain” -Jamie Chung

Then descend through lush meadows, forest and apple orchard will take you to Vashisht village famous for Vashisht temple and the hot Sulphur spring. According to locals, the source of the hot spring is Bhrigu lake and if you had a wish of jumping in the lake can be fulfilled here!

For beginners, I would like to say that the best part of the journey is that you will feel what you have not felt yet, you will see what you have not seen yet, you will experience what you have not experienced yet, you will be introduced to a new self with whom you had not met yet and in the end you will find yourself falling in love with your new self.

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Story by : Pawan Pindari

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