Coliseum of White Mountains

A high-altitude pass that connects Pin valley to Parvati valley in state of Himachal Pradesh. Sitting at an altitude of 5317 meters, Pin Parvati pass is one massive challenge for even the most seasoned trekkers. This trek is a combination of crossing raging rivers, traversing across tricky mountain slopes, climbing in deep snow conditions, crossing deep crevasses, walking in thin air of 5000 meters above sea level, and the astonishing beauty of different kind of Himalayan terrains. The whole trek is full of surprises as it brings challenges and delights in many different ways. Out of many attractions on this experience some of them are camping at high altitude lake of Mantalai, the high-altitude mountains ranges which are always snow covered throughout the year, the arid desert of pin valley, and if luck is on your side you may spot some gorgeous species like snow leopard. Pin Parvati pass is a experience that no text can describe, it can only be felt in your nerves in the form of adrenaline rush.

cost INR 35500   Inc. of all taxes T&C*
days 12 Days
best time June-September
group size Max. 12
altitude 5300 m
gradient Challenging 
location Himachal Pradesh
Day 01: Bhuntar to Barsheni Village to Rudra Nath

Our journey of this amazing trekking experience will start at Bhuntar, Bhuntar is a small establishment that connects Kullu valley and Parvati valley through road, we would expect you to reach Bhuntar in morning and our vehicles will pick you up for Barsheni village at a given time, which lies in the Parvati valley and is very famous for its surrounding villages and natural vista. Further we will head towards Kalga village which will take approx. 30 minutes. Here we will camp for the night in the beautiful surroundings of Parvati valley.

Day 02: Rudra Nath to Khirganga

This day we will start our long journey on foot as we go further into the wilderness, we will move along the trail and continue from Rudra Nath to move towards Parvati river. The trail goes through thick forest and has an uneven surface with some steep ascents as well. As we move along the trail we will have Parvati river at your side for some time before entering pastureland, where Khirganga is situated. The final stretch is a long climb through pine forest and a couple of waterfalls that takes all your tiredness away in one glimpse. We will take shelter at Khirganga.

Day 03: Khirganga to Tunda Bhuj (3333 m), 4-5 hours trek

We will start early this day from our camp and will take the trail towards Tunda Bhuj. The beginning of the trail is a bit tricky as it is mostly muddy, soon we will be on a constant ascent for about 20 minutes. A temporary bridge can be seen close the edge of the valley. Maximum part of the trail today is through thick forest land and the beautiful landscape which is always changing in its own way, will enrich the Himalayan experience that Pin Parvati pass has to offer. As we move deep into the forest, you may encounter many people living in this beautiful place and mostly dependent on the farming and breeding cattle. The last section is a steep ascent and it is also a tricky one as the route is not well marked, and soon we enter into the meadow with a mesmerizing view of some waterfalls falling off from the huge cliff on the opposite side of the river.  This whole place is known as Tunda Bhuj, and this is going to be our camp for the night.

Day 04: Tunda Bhuj to Thakur Kuan (3570 m), 3 to 4 hours trek

In the morning after having some time to stretch our muscles in the morning breeze, we will have our breakfast and take our packed lunch to be carried as today is a long day. We will continue our journey on the trail which is not very well marked so sticking together is essential. The trail in the beginning is completely lost to a landslide zone which is very tricky to compensate as the loose rocks and boulders sit on whole mass of soil and mud. However, this is the only section of the day which will take some extra time as rest of the route is very easy walk on an even surface. In approx. 4 hours on the trail which is mostly rocky we will reach Thakur Kuan, which is a large pasture next to river Parvati. This landscape is a vast one and completely surrounded by the massive mountain ranges all around it. We will camp here for the night.

Day 05: Thakur Kuan to Mantalai (3700 m), 5 to 6 hours trek

Today is going to be an amazing day and we will start our day a little early and after breakfast set foot on the trail. The trail is a gradual ascent in the beginning and then suddenly a steep section all the way to reach the river side. Here is an interesting part as we have to cross the streams multiple times before reaching Odi thatch (a small meadow). You will see a huge boulder serving as the bridge across the river and then onto other side following the trail you will soon see another river-crossing sight which is very thrilling to do as the Parvati river rages under the boulder. After crossing the Odi thatch the remaining trail for today is pretty easy with a very mild change in elevation as we go forward until the last 300 meters to the lake. We will be following the Parvati river all the time on this trek and it keeps on showing how powerful it is. soon we will cross the vast expanse where many streams are coming together and joining to form this massive river. After we cross lower lake aka mini Mantalai there is a steep climb of about 300 m. after this final section we will reach the glacial lake of Mantalai. Here we will setup our camp for the night and for the coming day as we rest tomorrow as well at this place. Mantalai lake is a beautiful lake and a fantastic camping location in middle of Himalayas.

Day 06: Acclimatization day at Mantalai (3700 m)

We will take good rest and start our day at a healthy time, today we will be going out to trek at a very comfortable pace to explore the area and not to reach to any place. There is a rule of acclimatization which is to gain altitude and sleep low, so we will gain some altitude and enjoy the beauty of this hidden treasure of Himalayas. Also, this day our team will introduce you to high altitude mountaineering aspects, along with many activities at the camp site itself.

Day 07: Mantalai to Base Camp I (4940 m), 5 to 6 hours trek

Today is a challenging day as we will be gaining a good amount of altitude. We will start early and try to cover as much distance of the trek before the sun gets too high in the sky. The initial stage of today’s trek is full of loose rocks and slippery path. Once we move ahead of this loose rock section we will be climbing a steep section which will be an amazing experience of high altitude in the trek for the first time. following the trail after negotiating the spur the path changes into a gradual elevation rise, but not an easy one as the inhabitable land form of Himalayas are always surprising. At this point we have a good section of moraines to cross before making it up to our camp site, and compensating moraines are always difficult as one must keep his whole focus on each step ahead. As we will arrive at our camp you will be able to see the Parvati glacier just next to our camp site. This camp site is a view that will leave an impression on your soul and it’s a treat for those who reach up to this place.

Day 08: Base Camp I to Pin Parvati Pass (5300 m) to Base Camp II (4900 m), 7 to 8 hours trek

D-Day has arrived and we have to start real early today when the ice/snow is still firm and hence easier to walk on. Today we will cross the Mighty Pin Parvati pass over to other side into Spiti valley. Since today we will be negotiating around 3 kms of glacier walk, be extremely cautious today and follow the trek leaders’ footstep all the time. On a glacier sometimes, there are hidden crevasses which are very dangerous. Once this glacier section is over there is a steep climb of around 300-400 m just before the pass. The top of Pin Parvati pass offers some splendid view of massive mountain ranges rumbled upon each other and some beautiful summits made of dreams. After spending sometime here we will leave to our campsite for the day which is about an hour or so from the pass. The trail descends gradually for around 1.5 Km to the campsite.

Day 09: Base Camp II to Wichkurung Thatch (3500 m), 6 to 7 hours trek

Today we have to reach Wichkurung Thatch our penultimate campsite for the trip. Trail descends down sharply for around 3 Km. Be extremely careful and maintain gap from trekker in the front, always ensure firm footing before making the next move. After around 1.5 km there is a stream crossing, after that the decent continues gradually. After around 3 kms into the trail we will cross the river to other side and continue on trail till we reach Wichkurung Thatch. Trail after crossing the river is pretty flat and hence a welcome breeze after 2 tough back to back days.

Day 10: Wichkurung Thatch to Mud (3970 m) to Kaza, 5 hours trek

The trail today enters a wide-open valley with numerous streams and leads into the ancient Mud village in the Pin valley of Spiti. From mud village we drive in taxi to reach Kaza. We will spend night in a hotel. Rooms will be on twin or triple sharing basis. About Kaza: Kaza is popular with tourists and adventure seekers during summer months because of its central location and connections to rest of the valley and outside. This central location also makes Kaza an ideal base camp for trekking, mountaineering and tours directed to other parts of the valley. Some of the major tourist attractions in and around Kaza beside Tangyud Monastery are the Key Gompa, Kibber village at an elevation of 4205 m. above MSL, Gette Village at an altitude of 4270 m above MSL, Langza village famous for presents of marine fossils, the Pin Valley National Park, a protected area for Himalayan high-altitude wildlife and the Losar village 40 km to the north of Kaza at an altitude of 4079 m above MSL.

Day 11: Kaza to Manali

After breakfast get ready for a long road journey to Manali. Drive in cab from Kaza to reach Manali by the evening. The trip ends here.

Day 12: Buffer Day

This day will only be used if the need arises during the trek. You are advised to keep a buffer day in your travel plan.


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