From the very beginning, the word itself has always been and would continue to be a call from nature itself, eye candy for travelers and its admirers alike. It is a paradise on Earth and a conflict to be its fate. 

As the travelers begin their journey in Kashmir and seek land untrodden upon, they come across vast expanses that fills their mind with wonder. These travelers- soon to be explorers- had never seen such pristine and untouched landscapes and its mesmerizing beauty. Nature always held an important role in attracting it’s loved ones. The travelers are greatly affected by nature, both in positive and negative ways. But for now the scenario has totally changed, there are no travelers, explorers and nature remains unseen.

The story of this beautiful place now infiltrated with hostile inhabitants used to draw the attention of all those who seek adventure and nature at its rawest form. They traveled across dangerous terrain, unfathomable mountains and wild lakes in its abode for a glimpse at these beautiful lands, and for some, the possibility of finding solace. Nature speaks to us through different images, landscapes, travelers, patterns, and forms of exquisite beauty. As we admire nature’s extravagance, our emotions and feelings become part of it. This harmonious balance makes our souls happy. 

When a man’s mind is full of stress and everything seems difficult and overshadowed by the circumstances, nature plays its role and showers her magic on its beloved. The valley filled with wonders and breathtaking mountains and passages has always attracted travelers around the world the lakes and gardens, birds and animals, the glaciers and rivers along with the culture of Kashmir has summoned those who seek serendipity from all across the world.

Srinagar’s jewel, Dal Lake is the major tourist attraction in the city center. When you think of the Srinagar, you think of Dal Lake. Unlike what is being found in other parts of the world, houseboats on the Dal Lake are usually stationary and provides a unique experience. Blending the art, craft, heritage and the past of the valley, it gives everything Kashmir has treasured over many hundred years. In the world of water, Shikaras, the boats are a part of daily life transportation. Of late, it has emerged as a means to earn the  livelihood as well. One who is on the bank is compelled to have a ride.

A separate world of its own, there are floating gardens to sustain the habitation. Known as Rad in Kashmiri language, every owner has his own water vegetation where vegetables thrive and are sold at a busy pre-dawn floating produce market. In harsh winters when the cold wave grips the entire region and water is ice cold, the fascination to row a boat and enjoy the motion never stops.

In this sea of tranquility, the only movement is the calm wave of the shikara walla’s oar in the ice cold water. The attraction of filmmakers, the waters of Dal have seen Shammi Kapoor romancing Sharmila Tagore in Kashmir ki Kali and many more hits. In the expanse of the Lake, as told by a visitor, there is only silence, Shikarah, and the romance. A world unto its own.

Story by : Mihir Patilhande

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Uttarakhand Tourism Development Board

Department of Tourism, Government Of Uttarakhand

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