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Himalayan Wilderness

Stories are like multi-colored threads woven tightly in a fabric of time and space. Pull the right string and you might even travel in time. The real magic happens when you begin to see how the fires end becomes stars, encounter unsung folklore traveling through the forest, witness luminous landscape covered in snow flooded with bewitched moonlight or experience the enthralling resonance of gushing river by your side. Sometimes it all happens together and constructs a set and setting that one can only experience if in sync with the Universe. Travel stories are like discovering treasure hidden somewhere unknown. Sharing them helps develop a brand new perspective and bring awareness within. Trekker’s Story is an attempt to discover such magic captured under unusual circumstances.

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Romancing the lake

From the very beginning, the word itself has always been and would continue to be a call from nature itself, eye candy for travelers and its admirers alike. It is a paradise on Earth and a conflict to be its fate. As the travelers begin their journey..

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My first trek, Bhrigu lake.

It all started when I decided I will write about Bhrigu lake only to find out that the journey cannot be expressed in words and the liberation cannot be experienced through a story.

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I cried at Triund

This story began 5 years ago when after a period of great depression, I decided that I wanted to live in the mountains and travel for the rest of my life. I wanted out from the day to day rigors of a city life and from the senseless workload of corporate offices.

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